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Gun violence has disproportionate effects on LGBTQ+ community, some of which might surprise you. Learn more in the 2022 ABCT Gun Violence Briefing Book, a text for journalists to help put guns and violence in context.

LGBTQ Populations and Gun Violence

COVID-19 and American Gun Violence

with Kelsey Gastineau, Jesse Wrenn, Jin Han, and Alan Storrow

with Jonathan Metzl and Jennifer Piemonte

with Kirsty Clark and Serena Musungu

​Structural competency and the future of firearm research


COVID Gun Violence Working Paper
Sex Covid Working Paper
LGBT Americans and COVID-19

​Mental Illness, Mass Shootings, and the Future of Psychiatric Research into American Gun Violence​

with Jonathan Metzl and Jennifer Piemonte

with Jonathan Metzl and Jennifer Piemonte

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered the social lives of Americans and added additional economic pressures. In a series of new papers with pediatricians, emergency medicine physicians, and others, I examine how pandemic measures affected American gun violence and how mental health research on gun violence needs to adapt to the pandemic context.

LGBT Americans and COVID-19

with Kirsty Clark and Joseph Sexton