The Effect of Partner Sex: Nondisclosure of HIV Status to Male and Female Partners among Men who Have Sex with Men and Women (MSMW)

The Bioethical Misconception: A Reply to Lidz

Substance use, sexual behavior, HIV

with Nicole Angotti and Rachel Sullivan Robinson

with Stefan Timmermans

with Matt Mutchler, Bryce McDavitt, and Kristie Gordon

with Gilbert Gonzales and Christopher S. Carpenter

with Matt Mutchler, Laura Bogart, Marc Elliot, Marika Suttorp, and Mark Schuster

Ready Rhetorics: Political Homophobia and Activist Discourses in Malawi, Nigeria, and Uganda

LGBT Health, Rights, Policy, and Organizing in African contexts

From Marginal to Marginalised: The Inclusion of Men Who Have Sex with Men in Global and National AIDS Programmes and Policy

Two Things Health Researchers and Allies Can Do Right Now to Advance LGBT Research

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Clinical Trials as Treatment Option: Bioethics and Health Inequities in Substance Dependency

Disparities in Health Insurance Coverage and Access to Care for Children by Mother’s Sexual Orientation

Lgbt Visibility and Anti-Gay Backlash: Unintended Consequences of Responses to HIV/AIDS in Malawi and Senegal

Community HIV Treatment Advocacy Programs May Support HIV Treatment Adherence

with Stefan Timmermans

Methods for Recruiting Men of Color Who Have Sex with Men in Prevention-for-Positives Interventions

with Laura Bogart, Glenn Wagner, Matt G. Mutchler, Brian Risley, Bryce McDavitt, and David J. Klein

with Gilbert Gonzales 

with Matt Mutchler and Bryce McDavitt

Psychosocial Correlates of Unprotected Sex without Disclosure of HIV-positivity among African-American, Latino, and White Men who Have Sex with Men and Women

with Matt Mutchler, Honghu Liu, Norman Candelario, Bill Stackhouse, Trista Bingham, and George Ayala

with Gilbert Gonzales

The Social Costs of Repealing the ACA

with Nicole Angotti

Health inequality and policy

with Laura Hatfield, Margherita E. Ghiselli, Scott M. Jacoby, Anne Cain-Nielson, Gunna Killian, and B.R. Simon Rosser

Beyond Health Effects? Examining the Social Consequences of Community Levels of Uninsurance Pre-ACA

with Stefan Timmermans

What an Emerging Trump Administration Means for LGBT Health

Pursuing Social Justice through Public Health: Gender and Sexual Diversity Activism in Malawi

with Christopher S. Carpenter, Sam Eppink, and Gilbert Gonzales 

Using Peer Ethnography to Address Health Disparities in Hard-to-Reach Populations of Young Men

with Matt Mutchler, Glenn Wagner, Burt Cowgill, Brian Risley, and Laura Bogart. 

with Ashley Currier 

with Christopher S. Carpenter, Sam Eppink, and Gilbert Gonzales 

Effects of Access to Legal Same-Sex Marriage on Marriage and Health: Evidence from BRFSS

Sex Drugs, Peer Connections, and HIV: Use and Risk among African American, Latino, and Multiracial Young Men who have Sex with Men (YMSM) in Los Angeles and New York

Improving HIV/AIDS Care through Treatment Advocacy: Going beyond Client Education to Empowerment by Facilitating Client-Provider Relationships

LGBT Population Health and policy